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Web Site Privacy Notice of Potential Project Managers Private Limited

Privacy Policy

Potential Project Managers Private Limited and/or its wholly-owned affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively, “PPM”) offers on this web site a variety of materials, information, and online services targeted to construction industry. PPM values your privacy and any information it collects is considered private and is not shared with other organizations. PPM uses the information to improve the quality of information and services contained in this web site, or to communicate with you directly about specific industry information or special announcements. This policy statement explains PPM's use and care of any personal information received from you, the user of this web site.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

You have a right to use this web site without identifying yourself unless you choose to do so. PPM may solicit information from you in several areas of this web site including the log-in areas, service-specific features, the adding and editing of clients list, projects or service offerings, e-mail forms, and any surveys or contests that PPM may hold. PPM will assume that you have the right to give us the information about yourself or others that you choose to provide in response to PPM’s solicitation.

PPM may track the IP address of your computer or place a “cookie” in the browser files of your computer. Collected information helps PPM better understand its web site users’ needs and improve product and service offerings. E-mail addresses are used to communicate periodic announcements / newsletters and for other notification purposes. Personal information may be used to contact you for the purpose of research, product development, new service offering, delivery improvement, marketing, or customer service. You may be removed from any e-mail or direct mail list at your request by contacting the web site administrator . . IP address and cookie log data is regularly analysed to generate information pertaining to user trends and feature usage. This information is used to plan web site enhancements, and to measure overall site effectiveness.

Security of Personal Information

Your personal information deserves to be treated with the utmost respect. Personal information collected on this web site may be stored and processed in India or any other country in which PPM or its service providers keep an office. PPM will take commercially reasonable precautions to secure your personal information within its or its service providers’ computer systems and physical premises and to hold it as confidential and proprietary. PPM will not release personal information to third parties other than as may be required by law.

Confidentiality Statement

Unless explicitly stated to the contrary on this web site, PPM uses all collected information only for internal purposes and does not share, sell, rent or lease identifiable user information to any third party. PPM may, from time to time, reveal general, aggregated or statistical information about its web site’s services, users or clients, such as the total number of users and clients and what site features are used, but will not make reference to any user or client by name or address or any other specific identifier without prior written permission.

PPM disclaims responsibility for the privacy practices of third party web sites that may be found by following links from this web site. For further information concerning access to web sites of third parties via the PPM web site, please see the “Click Through Web Sites” section of PPM’s Terms of Use Notice.


A “cookie” is a small file or part of a file which PPM creates and stores on your computer for a period of time. The cookies contains information about the things you do on this web site (such as a user identification code, customized preferences, or a record of pages visited) which is used by PPM to provide you with automated features and/or customized materials or services.

Most internet browsers allow you to refuse to accept cookies if you wish to do so. Please refer to your browser’s help function for more information. Be aware that at least some of the functionality of the PPM web site will not be available if you set your browser to refuse cookies.

On Line Advertising

PPM does not allow third party advertising on its web site. Unless otherwise explicitly stated to the contrary on the web site, no information collected on this web site will be used for the purpose of targeting third party advertising, nor will any such information be provided to any third party advertising firm.

Change Notice

PPM reserves the right to change this Privacy Notice at any time. The most current version of the Privacy Notice is always the version that is published on this web site.

The Terms of Use Notice

Please also refer to the Terms of Use Notice elsewhere on this web site. That notice governs your usage of this web site.

Contact Information

You may contact PPM for any purpose concerning this Privacy Notice by writing a message for the PPM web site administrator.